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Originally Posted by Gene Culley View Post
I've had several customers call me recently and tell me that the sanding results in new panels, lol.

But, let's just say you sand the panel. I can see getting the passenger side panel to fit flush, but there's no way you're getting the left side flush. I also don't think it will look as good as shining behind the panel either, but that is my own opinion.
Interesting. Yeah my passenger side lays flush, but hardly any ligt gets through I figured sanding would help it as that edge has paint on it so if the paint was off it would shine through better. As far as the driver side, the tabs that hold it need to be ground out like mentioned a while ago and it would allow the light pipe to lay down further thus allowing the panel to lay flush to teh dash, and sanding that edge again to me would allow light through, just the way when you sand the last 3-4 inches of the door to allow the light through, that would look more natural and OEM to me personally. I am going to wait though until I get around to sanding the doors, and see how it's done over there, better. Probably won't get to it for a few more days still, but I did get the pipe installed and the lights plugged in yesterday as my power was out, so I was unable to work in the house, it forced me to go outside and do it LOL perfect!

Anyway thanks Gene for the reply.

Question, can just the passenger piece be bought by itself? I may try to sand it and see the result, if it goes bad it would be cheaper to replace that one piece.
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