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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Now THERE'S a surprise - the Ford Guys beating up on the Camaro.......

Wow........who knew?

Let me assure you that the 45th Anniversary in person is I would ask you to withhold your judgment until you see it in person.
im gonna have to agree slightly with ZBOSS...though i havent seen either in person...the ZL-1 does disappoint me a little with the plastic cheap looking ground effects and front grill/chin spoiler. and the new steering wheel is a joke! ill be getting a camaro next year and unless something changes ill have to find a 2010 steering wheel to put on. but the exterior design of the ZL-1 could be a lot better. i look at it and its kinda just .....bla. nothing compared to the GT500!!! that thing is gorgeous! and im a camaro guy all day! illl never buy a mustang but styling wise the GT500 wins hands down! unfortunately
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