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Not fair! There was so much to remember, I had to write it all down on the plane ride back so I wouldn't forget. How about:
all the wonderful people, including all the organizers, Becky, Joe, Jaci, Pete, Mike Haddad, and especially Danny Popp who let helped me through my first AutoCross in my rental Camaro, and then let me ride along with HIM in the Pfadt car to see how a pro does it,
the incredible cars I saw, too many to mention, but got to say, Tag's gun-metal grey beauty was probably my absolute favorite (way to go Tag!)
The Bondurant Hot Laps,
All the GM Camaro Execs who still look excited to shake the hand of yet another fan of their handiwork,
How many things I MISSED, because I couldn't be in two places at the same time,
AND a big THANK YOU to the guy on the motorcycle who tried to race me to the merge on the I-10 West entrance ramp, after I left Bondurant. I backed off after hitting 74 as he wasn't admitting defeat, only to watch him merge right next to a highway patrol car that immediately pulled him over. Thanks guy -- that ticket should have had MY name on it, and that would have been a great way to ruin a wonderful run.

Can't wait til next year!!! Hope everyone has a safe journey back home and starts dreaming about next year!

Me, not wanting to let go of the Pfadt car at the AutoCross
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