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Pictures do not do any of these cars all. You really have to see them up close and personal to really get the full scope of what the designers are trying to present.

The color on the 45th anniversary car is amazing. The only way I can discribe is a cross between black and cyber grey with a lot of metal flake. I was really blown away at how good that color looks. I think GM is going to be selling a lot of cars with that option. Not only Camaros, but what ever else they apply it to.

The ZL1 may look like the plastic is cheap or out of place in pictures, but again, you need to see it up close to really let it soak in and tickle your brain. The steering wheel up close looks like it should have in the first place. It's nice to see GM take the advice of the vehicle fans. This is how a company maintains loyal customers.

Right up until yesterday I was on the fence about the ZL1. I wanted it because of what it offered, but I also want my SS and modify it to match or beat a ZL1. In the end, I made up my mind the first few seconds I had looking at the car. The ZL1 will be in my garage when it's available.

If you get the chance, go and see any of the new camaros being offered in person before you make a judgement call about them. You maybe pleasently surprised.
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