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Originally Posted by kiteman View Post
so...does anybody know anything about pricing other than the zl1's base is 47k? i love the 45th camaro. but that zl1 is sick in terms of performance. performance would be my preference, and if the 45th is $40k and the zl1 (loaded) is $50k, i'd probably just go with the zl1. but if the 45th is $35k and the zl1 is still $50k, the 45th makes a much more compelling argument suddenly. 150hp for 15k isn't worth it IMO, especially considering how cool i happen to think the 45th looks.
We don't even know price on the ZL1. We're all guessing at this point as the only reference point we have is the GT500 which GM has publicly admitted is the ZL1s target.

Also, your 15K for 150hp rationalization wouldn't be valid anyway. The ZL1 is much more than just a supercharger.
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