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We had one on our group heading back to Co (Camaro Club Of the Rockies, CCOTR) just outside Phoenix. Motorcycle cop said he clocked him over 100MPH from an overpass. We through the BS flag on that. we were only going 85. Cop picked off the last one in the bunch, just like a lion pickining off the smallest Zebra! Cop was a real D!@&*. Said "tell your buddies this aint no race track and that he would have pulled us all over but then he would have to call his boss and its not worth the trouble". Did write him up for 85 in a 65 and said it was a madatory court appearance. Must have been a Ford owner. Story to continue........................

Now, when we were in NM and decided to "strectch our legs" well into the triple digets and a highway patrol was going the other way and clocked at least 5-7 of us well over XXX, he just kept driving. Must have been a chevy owner!
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