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Post up your Pfadt Track Assault Pictures!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your support of our track day at Camaro5Fest! We had a blast all weekend and have finally had a chance to sort through the pictures.

First off, we would like to thank some people who made the event possible and run so smoothly. The gentlemen from Richard Childress Racing were fantastic to share tent space with. Their line of turn key tuner cars is sure to be a huge hit in the Camaro world, watch out for their RC3 cars on the street. Not only do they sport impressive power numbers but have the looks and suspension to back it up as well. They drove the car all the way out from North Carolina for the Fest, and were an invaluable asset all through the weekend.

Eric@Torq was great help setting up all weekend, and ran like a Madman at the Autox. Hats off to a great guy, and a great vendor.

Speaking of driving like a Madman, Thanks to Michael Travers for representing our products so effectively in his first ever autox! At the end of the afternoon session on Saturday we pulled our friend and driver Danny Popp, Eric from Torq and Michael aside for a victory photoshoot.

Courtesy Chevrolet and GMPP were great to work with all weekend! After setting up all day Tuesday, and handing out T Shirts to adoring Chevy fans all day Friday and Saturday, Todd Garrett and his team were still in great spirits! The gentlemen in the yellow shirts also had the coolest engine stands!

Now onto the fun stuff! We would love to see everyones favorite picture from the track day! We were too busy with logistics to really get busy with the cameras, so we would love to see what you guys took! Here is the best picture we got from the morning session:

Finally, thanks so much to all the moderators at C5 for putting on a tremendously smooth event. You guys were fantastic every step of the way and really allowed fantastic access to members of this community. We had a great time, and have finally caught up on some of the sleep we missed this week!
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