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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Thanks, It will all work out sooner or later...



Good Friend Randy is home safely and in the house... I know it was a long trip home, and I'm glad you are there... It was a true pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife Bonnie in person... I had a ball,

You did well in the race against Chris... It was fun, you two are clowns, and I loved not only the build up to it, but the race itself and the friendship displayed afterwards... Two Class Acts... I look forward to seeing you both in 11 months or so, if not before...
Next time I won't underestimate the distance. I had to drive all the way home from El Paso non-stop to make it to the office today. Chris made it home safely as well so it's all good. Thanks for the concern. Glad to see you and everyone so far made it back good. Your car is just crazy fast. I'm still amazed.

We should have a grudge race thread for anyone to challenge someone else. It's pretty fun.
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