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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Next time I won't underestimate the distance. I had to drive all the way home from El Paso non-stop to make it to the office today. Chris made it home safely as well so it's all good. Thanks for the concern. Glad to see you and everyone so far made it back good. Your car is just crazy fast. I'm still amazed.

We should have a grudge race thread for anyone to challenge someone else. It's pretty fun.
I'll let you know the outcome after tomorrow, but I think my A/F ratios and timing are off bad, as they probably were when you rode with me... The different turbo's will spool differently so I guess it makes sense...

I had quite a bit of pinging on the way home as she experienced the heat of the day... but I stayed out of it after I started noticing it...
Corey will be able to straighten her out.... Nexts years challenge, I guess I'll have to bring multi sizes of shirts... I hope yours isn't too big... lol, j/k Brother...

I'm glad you enjoyed the ride, I still suffer serious perma-grin every time I look at her, much less drive her...
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