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Exclamation Vendors please! give us v6 tuners!!

I know that this has been beat to death but I think this has to be reminded again and again. There are thousands of us v6'ers that are in need of tuning options, and I think its sad that this option is so limited for us v6 camaros.
We need a handheld tuner like in a form of SCT to be able to give us an option to load tunes in a flash.
Not asking for a tune for a complete stock car (as most of us know that there is nothing to be gained and we heard it thousands times "cough, diablo, cough") but there are ALOT of v6'ers and numbers growing daily that are bolted up and even forced inducted.
Yes, we have trifecta but we need more options!
Modded v6 community are getting bigger and bigger and the only thing that the v6'ers are missing is more tuning options.
Come on vendors, push your tuners to make this happen. There's alot of $$$ to be made for you all too
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