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Originally Posted by Supermans View Post
Why is the Cyber Grey thread closed?
It was a trick! Seriously even if the grey part is 'real' cyber grey it's not a CGM Camaro and I was rather disappointed as I thought the thread meant pics had been released. It's probably a good idea to just leave it as is until real pics are out as it would just be a thread about how we don't have CGM pics. They really do have a nice selection of colors for the Camaro though, they all look great IMO. If I wanted to nitpick they could add a green (or two) but one is on the way, and a 'bumblebee' yellow would be a fantastic upgrade to the standard yellow being offered today. Yes I know the paint used in the movies is horribly expensive, they could get reasonably close though; especially with a relatively small RJT style upcharge.

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