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Cool V6 FI Stats

Hey guys - i'm looking at the different options for a FI V6, and there are a couple options right now, which is an improvement over the past scarcity of aftermarket performance upgrades for the LLT. One thing that has consistently lacked, however, are numbers. I've read threads up and down but I cannot find a 0-60 time for the STS kit, RX, or anything ZMadness has done with all his work on his V6. I've seen few 1/4 times, and correct me if i'm wrong but were they not in the 13's? $5-$6000 and thats all so far? I'm just wondering if any of you resourceful fellas out there with the turbo's in your six's wouldn't mind posting a 0-60 time to see if it's worth it for the rest of us. Thanks
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