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Originally Posted by jagan323 View Post
do you know his tire sizes? The 19" Nurburgrings (the ones im looking at) are 19x10.5, and 19x9. I was thinking 285 front and 295 back. (Those are the only available tire sizes for the brand I want). Yeah, it seems 19" tires are hard to find... I really wanted to stay away from 20s... for performance sake. But 19's with 35 profile tires are too small and won't fill the fender gap LOL. Just a mess, im still doing more research though.

OZ were one of my options before, but they only offer 20", so I left that plan to dust lol.
Here you go. Don't go crazy looking at all the options! Also, take a look at the sticky in the Wheels/Tires section to get the diameter of the different tire sizes.

Here are the wheels

Here are the Hankook Tires
Here are the Nittos
Good --
If you are trying to go for weight loss, going bigger isn't necessarily bad. Tires often weigh more than what the wheels are made out of. So, going to 20 in. may increase wheel weight but the reduction in tire weight may be more than enough to offset that increase. On the other hand, if you are trying to reduce overall diameter so you can effectively improve your gear ration, then going lower profile tires on smaller smaller wheels is the way to go.
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