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Originally Posted by SSmoked View Post
ORLY? because i can build a fully loaded CTS-V coupe for cheaper than 85k.

...... Get real buddy you nor anybody else knows what the ZL1 can do so internet racing aint gona get you any further.
So, your point is? If you don't know anything why post anything? Back at ya'.
Go back and read my post which is based on what the OP is saying is going to be in the ZL1 nothing more nothing less.
Futher more there are numerous builds out there that are way better than the originals so just because some new version of the Camaro is coming out, doesn't mean that the technology is not readily available for older versions. Go do your research, GM doesn't make the parts they just pick vendors to work with. Do you think the ZL1 is the only vehicle that has coil-overs, big breaks and an SC that's reliable. Or the GM guys on the assembly line are way more skilled than some of the very talented after market race car buiilders. Give me a break. My SS is way better now than when I originally drove it off the lot, wondering daily what the hell was wrong with the car while dudes in ricers were blowing by me daily. Until I took it to a race shop.
I'm currently @ 550hp. NA, will be over 700hp. when the SC is done and that's will be at a mild tune and will match or exceed whatever brakes, tires, and suspension that will be on the ZL1, and it will still cost me less than the price tag of the ZL1. You the one that needs to wake up, put some mods on your ride and then come talk to me playa'.
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