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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Sorry that the scratches occurred. On the flip side if you display your car the chances for damage always go up exponentially. It goes with the territory. The GM guys know this all too well. Not saying that it is right, it just happens. But remember - since you were displaying this for your business, the fixes should be covered as damage during marketing.
Originally Posted by CruznSS View Post
Don't get me wrong, the scratches suck, big time. But unless all you have is a he said, she said bit on who caused it your s.o.l.. I have a nice size ding in the back fender. Yes my car was in a booth, and on track. Getting mine fixed and covering cost myself. Oh, and windshield from rock chips driving cross country. Bottom line is next time, rope off the camaro at next show! If not, Then maybe just a hood or fender to demonstrate product. I don't think it's fair to bash a company however with little to no proof and then slam the owner because he doesn't live on C5 like some do, and respond to a pm. Were they the ONLY women around your camaro with nails? Like you said you were extremely busy, maybe they were the only 2 you remembered or saw by the camaro?
Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just saying, if you go to a show, expect the worst, but hope for the best. Some members had engine issues to and from fest (much more expensive). Cosmetic / body damage - expect it. Could have been a little bit more professional on your part instead of just bashing a vendor. You should have called ACE before bashing (1-915-317-8984). I found the # in the same amount of time you did bashing here. Carlos has had these girls at numerous shows from what I was told, and how to respect everyones rides. You can also find them on face book under ACE CUSTOM STEERING. Trust me, I'm not taking either side, I could get pissed over a few things from vender's on here, however, I will at least give them the opportunity to correct prior to taking it up on a public thread with only 1 side of the story. Good luck, and hope it gets corrected soon.......
Originally Posted by themossman View Post
Spot On.

It's the cost of doing business...and while I feel for's a known risk. What if a forum members girlfriend/wife had done the same thing? Would you be seeking recompense here as well?

It SUCKS...and I feel for you. If private communication doesn't work, then it's time to chalk it up to lesson learned and write it off as a business expense.

I have my hood painted flat black and it's a BITCH to keep in good I feel your pain.
Have to agree with all the above quoted. At any show I watch my car like a hawk… Unless they are in bikinis most of the car models are wearing tons of shit that can damage your paint. Buttons on jeans, belt buckles and jewelry………look out!

That’s why you see the signs in windshields “Unless you are completely naked, DON’T TOUCH MY CAR!!!”

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