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New member, hi! Question about the GFX package...

New member here! A buddy of mine referred me to these forums, been lurking here every day for a week now. He's going to be getting a Camaro by August and he also doesn't know the answer to this question.

So I've been using the "Build Your Own" system on the website. I'm really confused about the ground effects package. The regular ground effects is $2265 and the "alternate finish" is $2500. My main questions is, is the ground effects package "alternate finish" actually PAINTED? Or is the "finish" just the same color as the car and not actually painted?

I've googled everything I can about it and I've only found one topic on it on these forums and it didn't really answer my question. From what I've gathered, the GFX package from last year there was no "alternate finish" option. It came only in that gray color and you had to pay extra to get it painted to color match the car. Am I right or wrong about this?

I talked to a salesman and asked him this question. He wasn't sure either. Afterwards I sent him an E-mail with pictures of the GFX unpainted and painted. I told him that somebody at the service department should know because it's a dealer installed option. He got back to me yesterday and told me that for 2011, if a buyer factory orders GFX, the car will now come from the factory with the GFX package already installed... AND (the most important part) that if your car's exterior is a certain color, alternate finish means it will be PAINTED in that color. He told me that only select models can get the "alternate finish" which I know is true. He also assured me that it is painted, but that part I don't buy.

So does anyone out there have an answer to this question? The only way the kit is worth it is if it's painted (and even then, it's probably still too expensive). The whole kit unpainted just looks fake and plastic to me so even if the "alternate finish" is color matched to the car, if it's unpainted, I think it will still look bad. Here's hoping this salesguy is correct and isn't just yanking my chain to bite on a car.
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