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Originally Posted by Drago77 View Post
That's a really, really good price for dealer installed/painted gfx! I did a little shopping around and bought mine off ebay for $1200 then had a local body shop paint/install for $500. A lot of leg work and hassle, but saved some cash. However, yours will be covered under warranty and worth the extra few bucks!
I'm really glad they actually paint it and it's not just a color matched finish. Of the 3 dealerships I visited, I didn't see one Camaro with the GFX kit. So the kit itself will definitely make the car standout since a lot of people are deterred from getting it because of the price and the fact that it can only be color matched this year and even then only to certain exterior colors. I think the kit at $2265 unpainted is way overpriced. At $2500, it's worth it.

I was thinking of doing the same thing, ordering the kit from a third party to save money. But then I'd have the hassle of finding a paint/body shop I trust and then probably another 1-2 weeks without the car to get it painted and installed. And of course I'd have no warranty. Once the car is delivered and it's going straight to the shop that same day to get an ATAK exhaust installed and a Metra kit with a Kenwood HUD. I'm hoping that will take 1-2 days at most. I want to enjoy the car the rest of the summer and be done with my modifications.
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