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Originally Posted by andredmg View Post
Nice car brotha! Ivan from Southwest Speed came back to Albuquerque NM talking about it so I had to come check your thread out, BAD ARSE!!!I accidently put this in Bruce's (Speedster) thread lol, Im so use to being in there checkin up on progress.
Thanks...more to come.

Originally Posted by SHWA View Post
Russ, how did it go on Saturday? I heard that you were having a big grudge match with MAD 600 and winner to take on Owen.
I've been trying to beat MAD 600, but every time I add more power he pulls out his check book.

I can tree him off the line, but he's got more power and always manages to pull me at the end. I've got some more plans for the beast, so we'll see what happens.

Not sure where the Owen match up rumor came from, but that's not least not yet.
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