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Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
Better question is ->Are all the dis-assembly steps in the DIY thread required or can you access just the PDIM module in an easier way if you're just swapping it out and not ADDING everything? Patiently awaiting a response.... well?... WELL ?...WELL ?... lol
I winged it. Helm service manual interior section didn't help or I didn't see details.

1) remove gauge cluster, disconnect single connector and place on the side.
2) remove manual shifter mount(4 screws) mount can tilted to remove console
3) remove single screw next to manual shifter base
4) pull off sides - pressed in and easy to remove (left and right)
5) remove single screw from each side on front console where dash meet
6) remove (2) screws from each side at rear console cover and remove
7) remove (3) scews; left, center, right on the top back of console
8) remove power, usb, and 1/8" analog in sockets from storage area
9) remove console storage lid
10) pull console top portion off to reveal PDIM (between storage and cup holder)
11) press tabs and remove PDIM module and cable
12) install PDIM and re-assemble in reverse order.
13) test before full re-assembly just in case unit DOA.
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