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Originally Posted by callaway_MV View Post
What does interim availability mean?

Does anyone know when White cars will ship?

interim availability means they won't be making them right off the bat. this white is different from the white used on the current impalas, so they have to wait until they change over to the new color this summer.

Originally Posted by UHP-CAMARO View Post
At a loss why it is you feel this way. But to each there own as they say.

Personally I think he did a lot of us a great favor by consolidating each color in it's own thread. But again each to there own as they say.
Originally Posted by COPO_Chevy View Post
I believe he was just joking no harm done.
definitely joking!

it's normally kinda taboo to post multiple times in a row like that, but for things like this, it's perfectly fine... not to mention - he's one of the site administrators. he can do whatever he wants!

Originally Posted by racert33 View Post
could i add some? i took some pics of silver ice cars and converted them to white, they look good. i just think that there aren't enough pics of the white
those would belong in the SUMMIT WHITE Camaro Photoshops Thread
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