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Originally Posted by wjones14 View Post
I'm having a hard time telling the SS models and V6 models apart from the rear, when the SS badge is not visible. Is the exhaust or rear bumpers different?

I wish the SS were more distinguishable visually from the LS/LT models, since I'm spending quite a bit more, but I guess the true officianados will know when my big V8 comes rumbling down the street.
It's simple to tell the difference between the LS/LT and the SS. The SS is the one that is in front of you and the LS/LT is the one trying to keep up behind you.

Actually....The rear diffuser panels are different between the LS/LT and the SS models. On the SS, the bottom edge extends slightly lower (covers more of the mufflers), especially in the center, and the 4 "vertical fins" are wider. Unless the LT model has the RS package, you can easily distinguish it and the LS from the SS due to the lack of the rear spoiler.

I guess those that wanted the SS to look significantly different, you are kind of out of luck on the rear, but you certainly got the more agressive looking front end (love it or hate it). I suppose you could always buy a 'vette.
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