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Originally Posted by pyr0b0y View Post
ordered a set of Nitto 555Rs today, 305s. they should be in later this week! found out the CF hood is a little further on backorder than expected, 6 WEEKS! but good new is that my CF guage pod and center bezel will ship next Friday .

cutouts will go on next week along with my new set of mufflers. Roll cage and harnesses should also be ready to go for the AutoX in marina on the 15th.

spoke more to my shop about getting a new engine. right now im probably gunna be getting a 418 stroker LS3. but i found out that since its a bigger engine the blower wont do as much as it is now. if i go down to smaller pulleys.....probably have about the same rwhp as now. so now i gotta look at switching to TT or a bigger supercharger. i see lots of people running prochargers, but then i would lose my tq #s as well. I love how the maggie has an even distro of hp and tq. also someone is running a 427 TT and has 793hp/8??tq. gotta do some more research.....any input?
The Auto-X is on the 21st, trying really hard to get my car ready.

I say that you should get a your bottom end built to boost specs so you can run 10 or more PSI. The maggie should be good to close to 1000hp I think!
MagnaCharger TVS-2300 550rwhp 540 rwt and a radical suspension under the car.
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