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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
very helpful, thanks for the post. I change mine at 30% oil life yet, not neccessary but theres piece of mind for me, as going lower does not harm the engine. However, is there a TSB or something on GM reseting the oil life monitors on our Camaros? I swear I heard something like that, not sure if it was a rumor or not. None the less great thread!
Originally Posted by Lumix View Post
I heard the same thing. Don't have a clue if it's true or not. Wish there was a reliable way to find out.
There IS something, but it has to do with the same V6's in Caddy's (same engine in our Camaros). I have one, and I got the notice in the mail about a month ago. It was labled as a RECALL but all it said was, and I ask my service manager about the specifics, they (GM/CADDY) recalibrated the system, no parts were changed. The deal is, in the Caddy's, there have been reported timing chain failures and/or advanced wear based on the oil change frequencies based on the monitor system alone. SOOOO it was time for me to get the oil changed anyway, had the dealer do the oil/filter change and do the update to the monitoring system while they were at it.

Seeing as how I have typically done all my oil changes at the 50% mark, which was normally at or about the 10000 mile mark or aq little more.....I figure I was more than safe.
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