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I have been running mobile 1 synthetic extended mileage oil for the past 5 years now, it is rated up to 15,000 miles. the problem with this is that oil filters are not matched up to go the 15,000 miles. in the past i was buying the best filter i could get and running them upwards of 13000 miles with no issue. i would feel the oil and inspect it when drained and even with 13000 hwy miles on it the oil felt actually pretty thick like new oil would just black. at 7000 miles it was still semi translucent. I now run the oil to 13000 in the camaro but with a top mounted filter it is easy to change out the filter every 4 or 5 thousand miles. the main thing when running your cars mileage up vetween oil changes it to every 2 to 3000 check the level because you will need to add some most likely. adding some new to replenish the old that was lost also helps freshen up the oil some. you will save a ton of money doing it this way especially if your on the hwy alot. i used to change it every 3000 with regular oil but for me it was every month i was changing oil.
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