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We won't ever see 12,000 deliveries in a month, April sales will be the peak for the entire year and 10,000 units is pretty high. When ever the 2012 order banks open, you will see a decrease in sales. This should be happening soon because MY12 should start in the beginning of June. I think the incentives should pick up this month on the 2010 Camaro's that are left. Incentives on just the 2010's will stabilize the incoming slump as dealers close out 2011 orders and customers wait for the 2012's. The Mustang is doing incredible for an 8 year old model, 8,000 units a month is unbelievable at this point but Mustang sales are unstable throughout the year. The Camaro is enjoying the pent up demand sales surge but that pent up demand for the convertible is literally destroying the coupe's sales and production. Most of those verts are probably V6's... I did some quick math last month and I figured 50% of Camaro production was convertibles and the Camaro V6 to V8 ratio was 60/40 the last time I heard.
Its had about as substantial of a reworking over those 8 years as a car's going to get, but I agree it's unbelievable 8,000 Mustangs were sold last month Great month for the manufacturers for sure

Out of curiosity Pill, why do you think so many people are still special ordering Camaros? I would think that the percentage of people ordering from the factory would be almost insignificant at this point.
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