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It was ninety nine cents!
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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
I had a can of High Temp VHT paint in Aluminum color. I used to blend in the colors of the two metals. Worked great and took me about 5 min to do.

LOL....waste of space. You'll end up tossing them.

Before you pay to put those back on you should add a resonated X-pipe. That will be your muffler and give you just a little performance.

Ahhh Caverman! I've been looking for your thread about your setup since yesterday! Thank you for posting it up!

I am strongly considering the resonated X-Pipe. I didn't get aftermarket tips, but the ones you use do look sharp. I planned on doing this as a step by step process, essentially following your build. I will Re-Read it and shoot any questions your way if you don't mind?
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