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Originally Posted by clg_98ta View Post
Nice job. Always nice to have alternatives.

I have the EBay kit. I believe that the spare that comes with it is the largest diameter that will fit in the wheel well - it fits snugly.

btw, the spacer I have is only 1.75" thick, so you can probably shave 3/4" off yours and be a little safer. Not sure if it would still fit over the roller skate weights though ( I replaced mine with Hawk ceramics so not an issue). You could try it on your 2nd one if you wanted...

And yeah, the factory compressor is so small, I just threw mine in the trunk as well. It'll come in handy if I just have a tire running low, but I won't use the sealer.
Yeah, mine is a bit bigger than the Ebay one so I had to let some air out for it to fit. Either tire would be a good fit. These spacers don't work like that. If you shave material off the bottom you will lose your lug pads to be able to bolt it to your car. Of you shave off the top, you would first have to press out the studs and after machining you would lose the pressure fit are where the studs were pressed in.
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