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soon hank..soon...

soon as i get out of this damn office tonight!

Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Hey, Lexi sent me an e-mail......
asking me to ask you....
to give her, her glasses back....

J/k bro... glad to see you back in the car... sorry about the ticket, and the city of Kyle also calls it deferred disposition if you pay the extra cash to keep it off your record and don't get another ticket for 90 days...

ask me how I know.....
Debbie got a ticket in Kyle...
HA... got jokes.. those are just old glasses i use when i drive... they didnt help this weekend.

Originally Posted by SS-Eric View Post
I guess we should start a "Pics of Kyle and his Tickets" thread...
I'm sorry I wont get to be w/ you all this weekend! But when you get back to DFW hollar at me and we'll go out for a beer!
I know.. you got a good one of me... FML
that would be a long thread. haha
wish you could make it this weekend... .but i will be back around... it was good seeing the other day though.
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