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Originally Posted by Blu808 View Post
We ran the entire 2009 Formula Drift season on stock axles, sub frame bushings, diff, cv joints, trailing arms, control arms, ect. There are 2 causes of wheel hop. Harmonics and oscillating power delivery. Similar to when you get speed wobble on a skateboard. Once the hop starts it amplifies itself. The stickier the tire the more force and damage it can apply to the suspension, axles, and drivetrain.

It doesn't have to be a problem. It just needs to be dialed out of the cars setup. Properly valved suspension is the first step towards eliminating wheel hop, second would be to remove the factory rubber weblos from the drive shaft, then the sub frame bushings, and trailing arms. Axles are a good idea to add to reliability and overall power delivery capabilities.

Do you replace the rubber on the driveshaft with anything?
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