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Originally Posted by Sandor View Post
OK, I know you don't want to hear this right now but its "for your own good". Do not take your pride and joy to a quickie oil change place! You spent big money to get the car of your dreams, only to have a high school dropout turn wrenches on it just to save a couple bucks? Don't do it again.

Take it to the Chevrolet dealership where trained technicians who know your car inside out will work on it. Will that cost a bit more? For oil changes, many times the dealership is competitive with the quickie places in town. At worst it may cost a few bucks more, but as your story shows it is well worth it.

Or, learn to do the work yourself. An oil change is a simple maintenance item, and I actually enjoy doing my own - nice bonding time with the car and will give you a greater understanding of your Camaro's mechanicals.

Glad that it worked out OK this time, sorry that happened to you. If I were you I would take the Camaro to your dealership ASAP so they can check it out. An engine fire is not something to hope the best about, you need to have them check it. This will not be a warranty repair. If you get a bill you obviously take that back to the morons who caused the damage to get reimbursed.
Words to live by!!!!

On a side note. I would recommend that the OP take the car in to the nearest dealer first thing Monday morning to make sure that none of his wiring harnesses have any kind of melting damage. Nothing can RIP a car/computer like wires grounding out against each other. The lube joint that made the error is clearly responsible for any damage, if any occurred.
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