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Originally Posted by DevilsReject97 View Post
This could have exposed wires, damaged lines, cracked plastic, etc....

This is a VERY good point. Not only to protect against injury but also to protect the sensitive computers on you car. There's hundreds or even thousands of wires going all over the car from the headlights to the tail lights, from the roof to the wheels. And they are all interconnected somehow through the car's computers because on modern cars computers control EVERYTHING...... even your power windows and trunk release.

A faulty wire in the engine compartment where the main wiring harness goes through the firewall (in which case there are at least a couple HUNDRED wires) could incur a problem with your left turn signal, or only when you run the wipers on high and squeeze the washer fluid trigger, or only playing the radio on XM with the headlights on.

Definitely get EVERYTHING inspected.
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