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Here are the details from today's trip.

- I am no longer a believer in AFM. Had it on the way to the track, 24.2 mpg. Disabled it on the way back, 23.6 mpg. On, I noticed surging, without it, smooth as silk. And don't get me started on the annoying rattle (made worse by my cat-back and shorties/midpipes). So, buh bye AFM!

- Light, steady rain on the way home. My Nitto 555R drag radials handle it no problem at 70 mph. But after I get 50 passes, then I won't be doing that any more.

- Out of the box, first pass, I ran a 12.308 @ 112.69, 1.706. Next up a 12.228 @ 112.95, 1.695. I was happy then and could have gone home.

- But I decided to experiment with the VVT and PE tables. No results. So I decided to fine-tune the spark. Some advance in the 2000-3000 range, pulled some at peak torque, and smoothed out the table. Most of the runs were in the 12.2's @ 112 with 1.6-1.7 sixties.

The results, 8th run of the day, as above (timeslip attached):

Sixty: 1.653
330: 5.021
1/8: 7.799 @ 88.66
1/4: 12.191 @ 112.89

Am I happy?

Next up, 3.45's and maybe a trip to the track next Sunday.

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