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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
They won't be maxed out on a car that sells for under $25,000. They did it to save weight and save cost, not improve performance.
I never implied that they would be. I just said that V6 people better hope that it is. I know it obviously won't be.

Originally Posted by squat View Post
323 HP from the factory sounds like a nice amount.
It would be if the car didn't weigh 3700+ lbs (which is what the current V6 weighs, give or take). 323 hauling that much weight around is not going to be a quick car :(

Originally Posted by bmorecam View Post
There will always be, and peoples will always find another way to make more power regardless of not being able to put an actual header. The biggest restriction for us current LLT is tuning.
2012 LFX will not be short in this department with the new delphi ECU and E85 capability. Plus our only current tuner and other companies are already working on a tune for this new LFX.
There will be alot of possibility with this new e85 fuel flex LFX. Especially when someone throw boost to it.
Yeah, there will be A LOT of boost potential for people who run e85. Should be interesting to see what people end up with when they go FI on the new FlexFuel V6. If the internals are sturdy enough, you should be able to run a lot of boost on that engine without knocking
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