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Originally Posted by Phendy View Post
Some solid halos for non rs headlights would be awesome too
Yup! It's in the plan to look at this.
Originally Posted by derek19 View Post
Has this question been answered?
Yup. Available now.
Originally Posted by mycamaroisred View Post
I want haha do u make a complete headlight replacement that r like the rs lights?
No, this is just an LED to replace the stock, RS LED plus a controller. Showstopper may be able to help you, though.
Originally Posted by xpanda305x View Post
shall we give it a try
Not if they are CCFL. :( There may be another possibility, though.
Originally Posted by Cully View Post
PM me a price with install instruction please, where to order as well. Thanks.
Will do.
Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
can you make it strobe from side to side? I think that would be the best. You guys did a great job by the way!
Hmm. That's a thought.
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