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Originally Posted by GreenMonster View Post
spent about 3 hours painting the bezels over and over because I didnt have an awesome guideline like the one above (thanks OP)

Plasti Dip is pretty F*ng awesome.. just spray, if you mess up just peal, cant ask for anything better. The finish on the bezels look superb, its like a satin almost flat black. Ill post pics of the bezels later. Thanks again for the detailed guideline

Regarding your tips on how to remove: I just used my hands no matter how wet or dry the object is you just literally peal it off and viola its back to normal, no marks or stains.
what he said! i was helping him out and omg this stuff is super cool! you mess up or you dont like how it looks? NO PROBLEM just rub it off or peel it off!

we did the front lower bumper thing! and removed it! we did the bezels! AMAZING!
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