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Originally Posted by 01 SS View Post
Be careful when you remove the tips becasue the small brace between the two has been known to crack and break. Also, when you re-install them you should make sure they are very tight. You'll find that they are not affixed to the pipes very well and I blew one end off once, luckily the entire assembly didn't fall off. To prevent this from happening again I fabricated a bracket for each side out of plain exhaust hangers and attached a hangar to each clamp.
I took off my CME tips this winter and had them powdercoated and the lips polished. I also had a friend of a friend weld up an extra piece to brace them together. Here's a pick of what they look like now, they are going back on the car when I do my header install next weekend.

Btw nice ride, I've got a 02 SS as well.

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