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the love of music, and Chantilly Lace..

First off, music is a big big part of my life, and probably other then family the single most important element to me....

I have a 16gig thumbdrive, I have 9gigs worth of music on it...

I find myself (and boy do I enjoy this) constantly tweaking the drive, removing mp3's I don't really like and adding new ones I do... I have many hard drives with mp3's, many cd's, as I have argueably one of the biggest collections of 1940's, 1950's and early 60's music in the Country, and probably the planet for that matter... As I work on my music I find myself getting very excited to drive Chantilly.....

I added a small 10 inch subwoofer that was fiberglassed into Chantilly's trunk to help me enjoy the sounds even more.. When I'm rolling in my sweet Chantilly, the Rockabilly Jukebox, life is heavensville..... now let the good times roll............................!

*driving in the desert, listening to that funky John Lee Hooker beat*


Chantilly Lace, the 2011 Rockabilly Jukebox..ADM built..617rwhp, geared A6.
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