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Arrow Official 1/4 Mile (V8) 2010+ Camaro Fast List

In order to be officially listed, you will need to post a scanned timeslip or Jpeg documenting your run directley to Camaro 5. If you have a problem posting your time slip send me a PM and I will help you get it posted.

This is not a thread for extra conversation. This thread is for posting of 1/4 mile times and time slips ONLY!! All other posts will be deleted so please follow the format. There is a 1/4 mile discussion thread if you want to bench race.

As owners will quickly discover, 2010 Camaro's are very fast cars that require driver skill and experience to coax out all of the performance potential built-in by the engineering and production arms.

The Fast List will have 15 sub-lists, as submissions warrant:

Bone-Stock on Stock Tires. This means completely stock with no performance changes whatsoever; must have stock tires, stock exhaust, stock airpath, stock “untuned” computer (ECU/PCM), etc.

Bone-Stock, except Non-Stock Tires including drag radials. Otherwise, the same requirement as above.

Bolt-Ons without Internal Engine Modification (e.g. modified airpath, headers, PCM-tune, aftermarket clutch, non-stock rear gears, skinny front tires)

Internal Engine Mods plus Bolt-Ons (e.g. stock displacement with bolt-ons plus heads and/or cam)

Power Adders (Nitrous, Turbo, Supercharger)

In proposing submissions for inclusion on the list, please follow these simple rules
#1. Post the details of your quarter-mile pass using this template: (cut and paste)
Tires used on the pass:
Performance Mods (if any):
Category submitted for: Please List the Category or Category #
660’ mph...
1320’ mph…
Name of the track:
Date of pass:
Weather conditions: (include Density Altitude, if known):

#2. Times that may qualify for the top-30 in each category require posting of an image of the time slip. If you lack the ability to post an image, ask for help.

#3. Track times will not be corrected for weather or track altitude (corrected times can be posted in the "unofficial" 1/4 mile thread). Those elements can be noted in the comment portion of the submission to clarify the conditions under which the run was made. The username on the fast list will link to their post

#4. All members are invited to submit his/her times on this thread. The top 30 or so for each category will be included in the Fast List. Only one pass per member will be included on the Fast List.

#5. In the event two members submit a 1320’ ET identical to the thousandths of a second, the tiebreaker is the higher 1320’ mph.

#6 All time slips to be directly uploaded to Camaro 5 web site and not a third party photo storage service.

***** Rule #2. "time slip" means full time slip. Must include date/time of the pass and includes identification of the track issuing the slip.

Below is a example of what the posted time slip should appear like. The only exception to this are for those who run at tracks that cut the time slip in half to save paper. Updates to the fast list's will be IGNORED if the time slip is not POSTED correctly. If you don't have a high lighter handy simply circle the info with a pen. THX Merc

Name:  Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 4.44.02 AM.png
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Modification Terms

1. Cam - Aftermarket Camshaft
2. Heads - Aftermarket Heads or Ported Factory Heads
3. CAI - Cold Air Intake
4. PTB - Ported Throttle Body
5. PI - Ported Intake
6. LT - Long Tube Headers
7. U/D/P - under drive pully
8. Shorties - Short Length Headers
9. Exhaust - Includes any exhaust mods (muffler delete, axle back, x pipe, catbacks, etc)
10. Gears - Non Factory Gears
11. Converter - Non Factory Stall Converter
12. DRs - Street Legal Drag Racing Tires
13. Skinnies - Performance Racing Wheels
14. Slicks - Performance Racing Drag Tires (non street legal tires)
15. Tune - Non Factory Tuning
16. W/R - Weight Reduction (removing parts to decreased weight and increase performance).

Top 30 in each category.
You can also click on the link to view the entire list.

5th Gen Camaro, Official 1/4 Mile Fast Lists

1) Camaro SS, Stock LS3 M6 Fast List

Name:  1.png
Views: 12019
Size:  472.1 KB

2) Camaro SS, Stock L99 A6, Fast List

Name:  2.png
Views: 7162
Size:  213.3 KB

3) Camaro SS, Bolt-Ons without Internal Engine Modification

Name:  3.png
Views: 988
Size:  480.4 KB

4) Camaro SS Bolt On' With Internal Mod's Non-Stock Displacement

Name:  4.png
Views: 7953
Size:  163.9 KB

5) Camaro SS Internal Engine Mods plus Bolt-Ons Stock Displacement

Name:  5.png
Views: 2971
Size:  533.2 KB

6) Camaro SS, Power Adders Stock Displacement (Street Registered)

Name:  6.png
Views: 5837
Size:  550.6 KB

7) Camaro SS, Power Adders Non-Stock Displacement ( Street Registered)

Name:  7.jpg
Views: 343
Size:  166.1 KB

8) Anything Goes, Non-Street Legal

Name:  8.png
Views: 12579
Size:  63.2 KB

9) ZL-1 Bone Stock

Name:  9.png
Views: 5204
Size:  410.2 KB

10) ZL1 Camaro, Bolt-Ons without Internal Engine Modification

Name:  10.png
Views: 963
Size:  426.8 KB

11) ZL1 Camaro, Internal Engine Mods plus Bolt-Ons (Stock Displacement)

Name:  11.png
Views: 4247
Size:  329.0 KB

12) CAMARO 1LE Bone Stock

Name:  12.png
Views: 2836
Size:  204.8 KB

13) Camaro 1LE Plus Bolt-On's (Stock Displacement)

Name:  13.png
Views: 430
Size:  122.8 KB

14) ZL1 Unlimited any Combination of Power Adders, Non Stock Displacement or Drive Train (IRS). (Street Registered)
Name:  14.png
Views: 3441
Size:  93.6 KB

(15) Z28 Stock CI No Power Adders Anything Else Goes (Street Registered)

Name:  15.png
Views: 8294
Size:  13.0 KB

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