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my dyno today(base for e85 tune)


The temp was 95*, car has a little over 5k miles, the only mod are exhaust and long tube with no cats, and the newest trifecta tune. The dyno was a dynojet 248x inertia 2000hp chassis dyno located in beltsville md@SRT home of the fastest lexus is300.

I do not have a baseline for my car, but others on the same dyno produced around 232rwhp stock in 90+ heat, and around 240rwhp in a cooler 50's.

I dynoed 264rwhp and 240rwtq.

The reason for today's dyno was to get a baseline established for trifecta's e85 tune I am currently testing. So far so good! With the proper timing, AFR, and control of valve timing VVT, we can manipulate the effective compression to take advantage of e85's 105 octane and its cooling nature to pump out more power than what a usual N/A car can do.

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