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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Don't worry so much about what the actual number is. Your right in the range you should expect and the dyno is just a tool. Your looks to see how this new mod (E85 tune) will improve over what you have now. The true test will come at the track.
Im not too worried gretchen. My main goal for this dyno was to get a base number for e85. Even if I was to take yesterdays dyno number seriously I think I could have seen up to 280whp and maybe even more if the weather was cooler and if infact what my dyno guy said was true that his dyno read lower(2000hp 248x)but what surprise me the most is that these numbers are with my factory intake.

After everything is setup and completed I will hit the track and get some numbers.

Originally Posted by PieNsky View Post
With the stock intake you could have been pulling timing as the sensor really heats up.
its always a possibility but I am def not getting the full effect of my header due to my restricted factory intake. Theres def more power to be had. 300whp does not look too far away
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