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Originally Posted by bowtye View Post
but if that were the case me ant bout 50 other people on here would not be covering therecar because when it rains the get a 3 inch puddle in there rear floor.but i still lovethe car none the less
I sure hope you've taken your car to your dealer. As stated in the video, any water is unacceptable to GM and should be unaccetable for you too.

Originally Posted by cj7ngolf View Post
Maybe they needed to ride with the top down for a while then look at the top...

If they water test all convertibles why did some people end up with huge gaps in the back where it meets the trunk?

Oh I am not believing some of this....
What aren't you believing? The rigorous testing is no joke in fact the video really understates it in my opinion.

And Oshawa works hard to build a high quality product and puts every car through the UWTB as shown in the video.

That being said, a convertible is a pretty complex thing to seal and it does give more of an opportunity to leak. If yours does, take it to the dealer and get it fixed. You shouldn't have to cover your car in the rain.
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