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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
I would bet that its taking them 'so long to respond' so that they can have a clear product cadence for the Camaro. Start with the coupe, then the vert, then the ZL1, then the Z28, then the new engines, then the next gen, etc. It keeps the buzz about the product alive which always gives customers a new reason to be in show rooms. The one wrench that was thrown in was that after release, everything was probably delayed by about one year due to bankruptcy. I would imagine that development of all non-essential product was halted in an effort to save cash. Convertibles weren't needed. Super high performance Camaros weren't needed. Track focused Camaros weren't needed. Factory drag cars weren't needed (like the Cobra Jet Mustang).

From GM's perspective its not about going model for model and beating Ford. Their biggest concern is how to make money. Throwing a bunch of off the shelf parts is cheaper than developing all new stuff, but the testing & tuning & validation for it on the Camaro isn't pocket change. Same goes for engines. To offer a Z28, they have to know that there are enough distinct customers for that car to more than make back their investment. Stealing customers away from the SS & ZL1 doesn't help a whole lot.

And don't forget ... right now the Camaro coupe and convertible are handily outselling the Mustang in all its forms, with fewer incentives. That means they're probably making more money off the Camaro than Ford is off the Mustang, and that is more important to them than braging rights are to you and I.
After reading your post I think you made our point. That is off the shelf parts enable GM to more quickly and more reasonably ready a Z28. Coming out with the ZL1 was an answer to Ford. A Z28 is a GM staple. The fact that the Camaro is out selling the Mustang is the perfect reason to add to the Camaro family and get even more or make new customers. And is there ANYONE out there that thinks a Z28 won't sell??????????
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