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As of last Thursday, I have my 2ss/rs ordered in ABM w/White Stripes. But while on our way home from Sunday brunch this morning I swung by our local Chevy dealer to take a look at an Aqua Blue Metallic HHR they have on the lot. It is overcast and rainy today and I had not yet seen this color under this type of lighting. I was VERY disappointed in what I saw. Under bright sunlight the metal-flake in this paint really makes this color blue "Pop". But under these overcast skies the color is actually quite flat and more Turquoise in appearance. Frankly, IMO it isn't very attractive at all. If you have not seen this color in person under every type of lighting, be sure you make time to do so. I'd hate to see anyone pay big $$ for a car and then not like the way it looks on a cloudy day.

I was so disappointed that I will be calling my dealer tomorrow and changing my color choice before my order gets pulled by GM. Now I need to decide if I want to wait for the CGM (what I originally fell in love with) or go with the "Can't go wrong" Black on Black w/Cyber gray stripes. Or theres always the Sexy Silver Ice....................... AUGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was done with this!!!!
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