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lmao i think they should look better now that they are painted, but i agree with the rocks, that would be sad to see the scraapes, but your idea of No mudflaps is a good one for your Camaro!
II went to see the colour today, and its is a very ugly day today, and it still looked like a beautiful orange, i was very impressed with it for being in the clouds, i know my brothers mustang which is Mineral Grey, looks more goldy on cludy days, the IOM looks great.
The one thing is, when i saw it at night, it looked more browny, maybe because i went into the dealership seeing it in bright orange, and by the time i left it was dark, so it looked very brown, do you find that it looks browney at night, or does it still look great?
P.S for CGM, it looked more like a paley blue grey when cloudy, i hope my stripes wont look bad on cloudy days
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