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Originally Posted by detroitjohnny View Post
Ha ha!! Sounds good. Culvers is ok to head to once in a while, and I've had cars in the cherry festivsl/haggeerty show in July every couple years. The scene up here is pretty small, and most of the guys know each others cars. I've never gotten that into it up here because its always the same cars no matter where you go. Pretty "cliquey" IMHO. I've got a couple old Volkswagens (air cooled), one on air, and don't seem to fit in all that well since I sold my last Mach 1. But thats also me just whining.

Pm me your number and we'll go rolling.
cool, i will.
i was joking about that... I just like crusing... maybe the occasional 60mph burnout when someone thinks they are fast. haha

Actually... I think I just blew my rear end out.... what do you know about mechanics up here who are well trusted and technical with newer cars? Check my thread... linked to my sig pic... the last page I am describing my issue with the rear

my last mechanic in Houston is a genius, and owns the worlds 4th fastest 5th gen... So i was in good hands... any ideas?
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