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I just had my PDIM replaced last week. At first it was supposed to be Monday, but when I brought it in, the hardware wouldn't accept the new software so they had to order a new PDIM for me. Two days later, they had the new part for me and put it in. It's DA/DX and it works very well, now; although it does need to spend quite a bit of time indexing 20+GB of songs every time I start the car. :p

I know that people say that it doesn't have anything to do with the Bluetooth, but now when I stream audio from my phone, it doesn't cut out and then switch itself to another audio source any more.

Now... If only I could find a way to make the up and down rocker make it jump between stations in my BBC iPlayer. :p
Red's at the body shop after being vandalized. Should have her back at the end of next week. She'll come back to me with some new stripes and (finally) with my Firebreather spoiler.
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