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Originally Posted by WHIPPLECHARGED View Post
I like the look of the first picture with the taller 28" tire up front. Did your ABS or TC lights come on from running a 26" front and 28" rear? I thought two different diameters would affect wheel speed sensor readings.
I didn't like how I could fee the tall front tire roll over when I was "testing" to see if the lower control arm hit the rears.

As far as the light, nope. The tire sizes are 26.7" and 28". That's a difference of 1.3" and the computer needs to see a wheel speed difference of 6% above a certain mph, by my calculations the difference is just under 5%. It is cutting it close with the drag radials, but the lights should not come on, especially when I switch over to my street rears. Maybe once my fronts are worn down a bit it might, but that would be a great excuse to buy the 255/45 tires.
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