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Originally Posted by RaiderSS View Post
Do you get alot of flexing of the hood above 80-90mph? Mine does, I want to reinforce or adjust but dont want to drill for hood pins...
I replied to your other post but will copy that reply here for those who may not have seen it.

You should not be experiencing any more flex that you would with the factory hood if all adjustments are correct. The most likely cause of the flex you're experiencing is either improper bump stop adjustment or the foam dampener on the sides has been removed.

The 4 bump stops at the front of the hood need to be low enough to allow the hood to meet the fenders correctly for proper adjustment but should also be high enough that they support the hood from below. I've seen some body shops crank the bump stops all the way down where they are not touching the hood and supporting it correctly from below. I've also seen instances where the foam dampener has been removed. And lastly the latch must be adjusted correctly to keep everything tight.

If you'd like to snap a photo of the engine bay with the hood open showing the bump stops and foam dampeners and email them to me, I'd be happy to look it over. If you'd like me to give you a phone call to help explain more clearly about the adjustments I'm referring to, PM or email me a convenient time and number to contact you at. I'm on Pacific time.

Mike Lewis
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