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Originally Posted by HufferSS View Post
Anybody that switched to 18s confirm that their car is actually faster?
Its a fact that switching to lighter wheels makes your car faster.

Padre went from 12.85 @ 108.6 mph to 12.73 @ 109.9 mph when he switched to 18" wheels (this was using DA correction factor on the runs to make it valid).

I shaved over .1 tenth switching to light weight 20" wheels. I'd probably shave another .1 if I dropped down to 18" wheels.

Heavier wheels need more energy to get moving. Lighter wheels spin up faster which equals faster acceleration.

Another important reason guys are switching to 18" wheels is so they can run 18" drag radials. You'll get a lot more traction off the line because 18" tires have more sidewall. That allows the tire to flex and grab (hook up).
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