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Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
So.... if we're now up to DB/DD does that mean that the DB/DB I purchased a month or so ago can be taken to the dealer and "upgraded" to "DD" ? Can I/we assume that as long as the first characters DB/xx remain the same, that upgrades can be done for any software version following it? Of course, non-warranty, but can be done, correct? How much does your dealership charge as a reference for future considerations? TIA.
I'd very much like to know that too. I'm at DB/DB with a 2011 built 12/10. Since the DB is the software version can it just be a simple Tech-2 update to bring it to DD? The only issue I've been noticing is that the bluetooth icon on the screen showing connection to my phone seems to indicate it is sporadically connecting/disconnecting.
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